Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Art of Doing Nothing

When one's brain leaves them with sanity trailing them to go off and join a muse that's been missing for six months, only a shell of a person is left behind. This person becomes very skilled in the art of doing nothing. It is nearly impossible for such a person to do anything useful and their determination and desire to get homework done vanishes into the fading winds.

This state causes plenty of problems for the one involved. How can you possibly get all your reading and assignments done if you don't have a brain by which to motvate yourself to do so?

As a victim of such a virus as this, I have found it difficult to want to do anything. I spend lots of time sitting and staring at the wall. It can be a fun passtime, but not when you know you need to be doing something worthwhile, such as homework.

Regardless, relocating your muse, brain, and sanity is hard work, and thus far, my attempts have proved futile. I have absolutely no idea where they could've gone. This leaves me with a large dilemma--with all my difficult homework and set of exams on the horizon, how can I possibly move forward and be a useful human being?

If you have found yourself in this situation too, please don't hesitate to inform me of how you cope. It would be good to accumulate some ideas in order to help me further my schoolwork and hopefully not fail any of my classes.

A lovely Wednesday to you all!